Uncover the peaceful, empowered, and happiest version of you.


To transform the lives of teens and adults using techniques proven to help free one from the past, conquer the present and create an ideal future.



The Mental Health Clinic aspires to be an accessible safe space with a range of services for wellbeing and transformation. No matter your concern or where you are on your personal transformation journey, we want to help!

Core Pillars Of The Mental Health Clinic

A large portion of the population feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in at least one area of their lives.


Many may try to address it on their own but don’t see the results they want. Others may try to repress and to push through hoping for better days.


In the meantime that unhappiness tends to grow into disappointment, guilt, anger, resentment, and even regret later in life. It begins to create a negative effect on your mental, emotional, and physical health as well as interpersonal relationships. 


If you have been struggling or suffering in some aspect of your life, something is not working!

It’s time to make the LEAP and take control of your life, for life. Here are some things you can expect from the process.


Limitless - There are no limits to what you can achieve in this lifetime but the ones you unconsciously place. Counselling and coaching will help get you there.


Express - You will be provided with a safe space to openly express yourself, develop deeper understanding and gain valuable insights.


Address - We engage in collaborative discussions and problem solving to address your concerns and achieve your goals.


Progress - Taking consistent action towards your goals. We will continually review goals, adapt plans, address barriers, and celebrate milestones.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” ~ Nelson Mandela


Your new life starts here! Once you see the results, you will never settle for less again. Choose your support below or book a free 30-minute consultation session to what approach is best for your specific concern. It’s time to step into the person you want to be!


Get clear on the changes you want to experience, set goals, create action steps, receive support and guidance along the way. Coaching is great for overcoming life challenges and/or achieving goals in your career, finances, relationships, health, fitness as well as personal growth and transformation.

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Talk-based therapy where we explore the origin of your concern, how its impacted you and how to resolve it through time tested tools and techniques. Counselling is great for addressing a variety of mental, emotional, behavioral and social concerns including anxiety, depression, anger, grief, relationships, parenting etc.

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