Hi, I’m Samantha

Founder | Certified Canadian Counsellor & Certified Life Coach

I combine my expertise of counselling and evidence-based approaches with the method of coaching to help you achieve quick and positive changes with lasting results.

As a counsellor working in the field throughout the pandemic, I have noticed an increased need for mental health services. However, we are facing another crisis where therapists, governmental and community services are overwhelmed. This has negatively impacted individuals like you who are turned away or forced to wait for support.

I founded The Mental Health Clinic to target the most common concerns I am addressing on a daily basis; stress, anxiety and depression. It is my mission to manage these concerns before they escalate into a co-morbid condition requiring long-term assistance and even medications

                                         Core Competencies 

I have diverse knowledge and experience in theories of psychology and take an integrative or eclectic approach. That means in our sessions together, we may work from a range of theories to fit your individual needs. A few of the most common approaches incorporated are briefly mentioned below.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – A form of therapy where you work towards gaining an understanding that your emotional struggles are reasonable responses to certain events. The focus is to stop ignoring difficult past experiences and associated emotions and work towards acceptance so that they no longer impact your life.

Behavioural therapy – A form of therapy that focuses on understanding behavioural patterns and responses that may be causing your suffering. The focus is on making changes to behaviour to change the way you are feeling.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – A form of therapy that focuses on thought process that may be leading to emotional and behavioural responses. The focus is on shifting mindset to change the way you feel and behave.

Dialectical behavioural therapy – Another subtype of CBT that places a greater emphasis on acceptance and emotional regulation. The focus is to work on improving your ability to deal with stressful or difficult situations. You may also learn to accept and manage tough emotions as they come.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy – A subtype of CBT that uses mindfulness practices like meditation and breathing exercises to stop negative automatic thought processes that lead to suffering. The approach was created to address the negative thought processes of depression but has also been useful in targeting stress and anxiety.

Narrative Therapy – A form of therapy that allows you to tell your life story as you see it. From this story there is a focus on evaluating your story and seeing the experience and beliefs that are protecting you and harming you. Through cognitive work, you are encouraged to rewrite your story form a more empowered perspective.

Psychodynamic therapy – A form of therapy that looks at past experiences to uncover patterns in thought or behavior that may contribute to your present-day suffering. The focus is on challenging the patterns and realizing you are more than the sum of your past experiences to make changes.

Solution Focused Therapy – A form of therapy that helps one to discover a faster resolution to current difficulties. The focus is on finding solutions in the present, examining goals for the future and creating an action plan to get there. This strategy assumes that you already know what you want/need to do to enhance your life and that you can find the best solutions with the right coaching, questioning and support.

Let’s take this journey together!