Learn how to step above feelings of worthlessness or helplessness.

In this 12-week 1-on-1 package, you will incorporate unforgettable tools and techniques that change the way you think and behave while ensuring lasting change and preventing relapse.

Here are some things you can expect to address in our time together.  Please keep in mind these are some important topics for managing anxiety based on my own experience and work with clients. However, the direction of our sessions will be dependent on your unique situation and the changes you wish to achieve.

  • Discover your depression, symptoms, attempts to address concern etc.
  • Education on depression
  • Behavioural activation
  • Agenda planning
  • Examining thought and emotion connection
  • Address procrastination
  • Explore thinking traps
  • Challenge unhelpful thinking
  • Explore core beliefs
  • Mindfulness
  • Self management and relapse prevention