Therapeutic support for teens and adults. 

In this 1-on-1 approach, you will get the support needed to handle mental health concerns and life's challenges. These sessions focus heavily on you and what you want to address during each session.

Here are some things you can expect in our time together. Please keep in mind, you will be the director of our sessions. Therefore, a timeline for completion or a full list of expectations cannot be provided due to the flexible nature of this approach.

  • Psychoeducation related to your concern.
  • Review of your week(s) since meeting last.
  • Discussion on your presenting concern of the day.
  • Engage in therapeutic techniques.
  • Establish coping tools and strategies to move forward.
  • Creation of self care routines and plans of action.
  • Homework to facilitate change outside of sessions.
  • Review of homework, barriers, concerns.

Let’s take this journey together!