Hi, I’m Samantha

 MACP, C.C.C| C.T |C.P.L.C

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C) and Counselling Therapist (C.T) with a Masters in Counselling Psychology (MACP), as well as a Certified Professional Life Coach (C.P.L.C). 

Over the last 9 years of my career, I have spoken with a lot of people who are unhappy with some aspect of their lives and wished they had done something about it sooner. 

Many of us know there are areas of our lives worth improving whether it’s home life, relationships, career, mental and/or emotional states etc. But many fail to address it correctly no matter how hard they try.

Unfortunately, if a problem exists, it will persist unless it’s fixed. What eventually happens is we hit a breaking point where we either give up trying or realize it’s time to get some support.

Whether you are in this situation or you are looking to make a change before it gets to this point, I’m here to help.

Image of an available therapist named Samantha Richard

Let’s take this journey together!

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